JR Sublime lnstant Lift

 Sublime Instant Lift  when applied to you skin will make you appear years younger.

INSTRUCTIONS (very important - please read and follow to use Sublime Instant Lift effectively)

Before applying Sublime Instant Lift to your skin, make sure your skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Sublime Instant Lift works best when it is allowed to penetrate into the deeper parts of your skin. The oil in your skin works as a natural barrier against Sublime Instant Lift. We recommend using a strong Astringent, such as Neutrogena’s “Deep Clean”. This product is very easy to use and works well for this purpose. DO NOT APPLY TO BROKEN SKIN. Any soap or skin cleansing products must be rinsed off well. The end result you are looking to achieve is to have your skin surface thoroughly cleansed, and free of all oil or anything else so that Sublime Instant Lift can penetrate your skin and work the most effectively.


Rinse your face with very warm water. Then apply the astringent to cleanse your face, and rinse thoroughly. Once this is done, apply hot water to your face and dry. Immediately apply Sublime Instant Lift in dabs. Put a small dab on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Use either a blow dryer on the cold setting, or a magazine to fan dry your face, as you work Sublime Instant Lift into your skin. You will experience a crunching sensation. This sensation means that the Sublime Instant Lift is working. Continue drying your face until you are sure it is finished. If you get a slight white film on your face, it simply means that you have applied too much. You will learn what is the proper amount to use.

After you have finished applying Sublime Instant Lift, you are free to use either mineral makeup or a water-based makeup. DO NOT USE A MOISTURIZER. The reason for this is that the oils from the moisturizer will dilute the Sublime Instant Lift. If you do use a moisturizer, apply it the evening.

Some users may experience a bit of dryness after using Sublime Instant Lift for the first time. Other users may experience extra softness, while other users do not experience any change. Your skin will adapt to Sublime Instant Lift in about a week.

If you swim or wash your face, you will need to re-apply Sublime Instant Lift.

How to apply Sublime Instant Lift

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refund will be given within 24 hours after item is received by seller.

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